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1. What size of structure do I need?
We usually allow approximately 2.2sqm per guest for a lounge set up, 1.75sqm per guest for a dinner dance, 1.5sqm for a plated dinner and 1.2sqm per guest for a cocktail reception. This is a basic guide, however, with more information regarding your event we can advise precisely the size of structure your event requires.

2. What are your smallest structures?
Our smallest structure is a 3m x 3m canopy. We have many different canopy sizes such as 4m x 3m, 5m x 5m and 6m x 6m.

3. What is your largest structure?
Our largest structure is 50m wide. We also have structures that are 8m, 10m, 12m, 15m, 20m, 25m, 30m, 40m wide.

4.How long does it take to build a structure?
This depends on the size of the tent. Most structures can be built in one day but the interior fit out can take several days depending on the level of work required. Our canopies can be built within a couple of hours.

5. Do you only build structures for short term events?
No, our structures can be hired as semi permanent solutions in place for several years. Depending on your specific requirements we can advise as to the best structure and the duration of hire.

6. Can I build a structure myself?
Our operations team is fully trained to build our structures and operate to the highest European Health & Safety standards. We do not allow anyone else to build our structures.

7. How are your structures secured?
Ideally we like to pin a stake into the ground to secure our structures, however if this is not possible we use concrete ballast blocks, which are placed at each 5m leg to secure the structure. The stakes we use are up to 1.5m long.

8. What is the maximum height of the structures you offer?
Our standard leg height on our contemporary structures is 2.8m; this is higher at the apex of the structure. Our canopy leg height varies between 2.4m and 2.8m. We can also offer a 3.8m leg height on our contemporary structures.

9. Can your structures sit on uneven surfaces?
Yes they can. By using our cassette flooring we are able to pack the structures up to 50cm. If the gradient is any greater than this, we would use scaffold to create a level surface with which to build on.

10. Do you have round structures?
Yes we can provide various ‘rondo’ structures from small canopies through to our 20m contemporary rondo structure.

11. Can a tent be completely darkened?
Our PVC is opaque so this reduces the amount of light that can come through. We can also supply tack off roof linings in a dark colour or block out fabric.

12. Do you manufacture tents in the UAE?
No we do not manufacture tents in the UAE, we purchase our structures from trusted suppliers in Europe.

13. Can we purchase as well as rent structures from you?
Yes, we are happy to provide quotes to purchase structures through Harlequin and our Account Management team can advise you on the benefits of purchasing a structure ‘v’ renting, depending on your specific circumstances. Harlequin only work with top manufacturers and this means when purchasing a structure, this may be from Europe.

14. What are the shipping times for importing structures purchased from Europe?
This depends on availability at the time of purchase. Once we have received 100% payment, the shipping time varies between 6 – 10 weeks.

1. What is included in a ‘basic interior fit out’?
A structure supplied with basic fit-out will have tack off wall and roof linings, carpet, basic lights and A/C. If you have chosen to have windows in your structure, then soffits and leg columns will also be included in your basic fit out.

2. If I have a creative vision for my event, are you able to design and custom make items to fit with my vision?
We have an Event Design team who can take your vision and run this theme throughout the event space, creating custom furniture and custom interior finishing’s as required.

3. How can I incorporate a great view into my structure?
We can use glass panels inside our structures to take advantage of this.

4. Am I able to use the Event Design department as a stand-alone service, even if I don’t’ require a structure?
Harlequin is made up of 4 divisions; Structures, Event Design, Furniture and Cooling and all of these divisions can be used separately.

5. Are you able to create CAD drawings or renders for my event?
Yes, a CAD plan is often essential to plan your event space and ensure the best layout. Renders and other 3D drawings can also be provided.

1. How many furniture items do you have?
We currently over an extensive range of stock items of furniture from lounge seating to cocktail tables and lanterns, and this collection is constantly growing! See our furniture catalogue for images of our stock.

2. Do you sell furniture/make bespoke furniture?
We are able to make custom furniture for your event, however we prefer for this to be part of an overall event which we are working on with you, rather than a stand-alone item so as we can be more cost effective.

3. Do you charge to replace or repair broken or damaged furniture items?
This depends on the item of furniture and the level of damage and circumstances. All our furniture items are rental items and we appreciate this fact and that wear and tear is inevitable. Unless items are damaged as a result of negligence or items are missing completely, we always do our utmost to repair at no cost to the client.

4. Can we transport our own furniture?
Unfortunately this is not something we allow as our stock items require expert handling to ensure quality condition.

1. What types of A/C solutions do you provide?
We have 6t fancoil freestanding units that work with our chiller units. These are environmentally friendly as they do not consume as much fuel as a regular freestanding unit and only work when trying to achieve ambient temperature. Once this is achieved they turn themselves off and only start again once the temperature varies.

2. I need to AC a catering structure, I don’t need something which looks good, just does the job! What do you have?
For catering structures we have 20KW units that work on a return air basis therefore there is no requirement for extraction fans additionally as these do both jobs for you.

3. I need to AC my structure, but I don’t want the guests to see the units, how can you hide them?
There are several options; a) we can create a baton frame around the AC unit, which we then cover in tack off fabric or a mesh fabric, b) we can bring the wall lining forward and place the AC units behind the tack off but include a grill, although it does reduce the floor space, c) we can hide the AC unit behind a stock walling system.

1. What regions do you work in?
We can supply our services anywhere in the UAE and across the GCC. We have operations in Europe through the Arena Group and across Asia and we are constantly expanding.

2. If I rent the items for more than 1 day how does the pricing work?
We offer a sliding scale of pricing for longer periods of hire; please contact us for more details.

3. What supporting services can you offer?
As well as supplying structures, interiors, furniture and cooling we can also offer other aspects required for your set up as part of our service such as power, flooring, scaffold deck, floral décor, professional lighting and toilets through our trusted suppliers.

4. Do you offer catering services?
We can provide catering structures but do not supply kitchen equipment to go inside the structure.

5. How quickly will my enquiry be answered?
We endeavour to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.

6. How long will it take to receive a proposal?
A great deal of work goes into our proposals as we tailor all our proposals to suit the specific needs of each enquiry. Smaller enquiries are obviously quicker than more complex quotes. We work on proposals as quickly as possible so please bear with us.

7. What are your cancellation terms?
Should our clients need to cancel, we may or may not charge a cancellation fee depending upon the level of notice provided. All details of cancellation are provided at the time of booking in our standard terms and conditions.